July 01, 2018 Jonah Aline Daniel

Remembering as Resistance
Dear Narrow Bridge Candles Community, 
  As I sit in this chair on this floor on this ground, this indigenous ground, i'm feeling the grief of displacement, of family separation, and the collective disconnect required to celebrate in this moment. Every street pole decorated with flags, every interaction with a stranger echoes "Happy Fourth," - celebration and patriotism everywhere we turn. In the so-called United States of America, this coming Wednesday July 4th marks the celebration of the founding of the nation and its, "Declaration of Independence" - The U.S. declaring itself a force as a colonizing project in its own right, without the restriction or regulation of its parent colonizer. This nation built on stolen land and the killing, displacement and erasure of the first nations people living on and care-taking that land. This nation built on the stolen labor of Africans kidnapped from their homes and their families. This week, as millions struggle for migrant justice and against the tyranny of borders, this nation celebrates its horrifying origins.

June 26, 2018 Jonah Aline Daniel

Narrow Bridge Candles Hiring a Communications Manager!
Position Overview:
As Narrow Bridge Candles continues to grow each year, we seek to hire a part-time Communications Manager to support the growth and sustainability of the project, by overseeing all external communications, including monthly e-newsletters, social media, promotional materials, and product branding. The Communications Manager will play a key role in amplifying Narrow Bridge Candles’ reach and offerings among existing and potential customers and allied organizations, as well as in expanding NBC's customers and community.

May 29, 2018 Jonah Aline Daniel

Summer Ritual Boxes to benefit Medical Aid for Palestinians
Dear Narrow Bridge Candles Community, 

As the season has unfolded, we have seen enormous acts of resistance in Palestine, and solidarity around the world. Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have been severely wounded by Israeli fire, causing the hospitals to be incredibly overwhelmed and the need for medical supplies to be desperately high.

May 09, 2018 Jonah Aline Daniel

Resisting in Solidarity, Grieving in Community
Dear Narrow Bridge Candles Community, 

These past few weeks, we have borne witness to enormously inspiring acts of collective resistance as Palestinians in Gaza engage in the Great March of Return, and their allies around the world join them in solidarity. As is all too often the case, collective resistance has also meant collective grieving. Israeli forces have killed more than 45 people and injured over 6,100* unarmed protestors demanding their right to return to their homeland.

February 12, 2018 Jonah Aline Daniel

😍 2017 Donation Report and Spring Ritual Boxes🌿🌷💫

Dear Narrow Bridge Candles community -
Thanks to all of you, Narrow Bridge Candles was able to donate a total of $1,309 in 2017 to organizations in struggle against U.S. and Israeli racism and colonization - $712 to Stop the JNF Campaign$347 to Iser Caribe, and $250 to Black Lives Matter Charlottesville.