Meet Jonah Aline Daniel

Hi, my name is Jonah Aline Daniel and I am passionate about the art and craft of creating beeswax candles. I am also a medicine maker, beekeeper, medicinal herb grower, and clinical herbalist with Plants as Allies. I live rurally, south of Cloverdale, CA on Southern Pomo land. I have been working for 15 years inside of movements for Racial, Economic, Gender and Environmental Justice, as well as Healing Justice and Disability Justice, from a variety of social locations. In addition to ritual candlemaking, I am passionate about the radical potential of rural spaces, the process of decolonization of land, and the protection of endangered and at-risk plant communities. My newest projects include self taught plant propogation and irrigation systems, tiny animal dioramas, Herbal Medicine Classes, and getting my body in water as often as possible. I am thrilled and honored by the opportunity to be your community chandler.

A candle holds space.
For grief.
For celebration.
For transformation.

Connection and Prayer

I first started making candles as a way to be more deeply connected to the rituals in which I was engaging.

To know where the ritual items I was using came from, whose hands had touched them as they formed into vessels that facilitated my prayer, my healing, my spirit, and my song.

I was so deeply heartbroken and outraged at the violence done in my name in Palestine and that the ritual items I relied on to hold spiritual space for my community and I were primarily made in Israel- in violation of the Palestinian Call for Boycott of Israeli goods.

I am awe-struck by the power of candles to hold space for so many things human. Through the sacred and beloved craft of ritual candlemaking, I seek to honor the power of fire and our collective capacity for transformation. I am honored that the work of my hands is invited to hold so many different kinds of sacred rituals for so many people. And I am proud to do the work of extricating Zionism from Jewish ritual life.

I sing and pray not just for myself and those I already know and love. My songs and my prayers are for our beautiful and broken world, and for the strength and courage to consistently and powerfully act in service of justice, healing, and transformation as a part of a collective body.

I offer these candles as a prayer that we all have more space for ritual with integrity and liberatory potential in our lives. I pray that we are able to mobilize the transformative power of fire to destroy the systems that harm us and continue to create the new world we are building together.