Yahrtzeit Candle

$24.00 - $48.00

4-inch glass votive candle

Burns 24-30 hours
100% beeswax, no dyes or perfumes

2 inch base diameter

    Traditionally in Judaism, a Yahrtzeit candle is lit in observance of the anniversary of the death of a loved one, and during the Yizkor* service. This Yahrtzeit candle is made to hold space for any kind of grief or loss, including but not limited to, chosen family, moments of collective grief, and commemoration of moments of loss in history.

    * Yizkor is a memorial service that is held 4 times a year - Yom Kippur, the last (8th) day of Sukkot, the last (8th) day of Passover, and the last (2nd) day of Shavuot. It is an opportunity to grieve among community throughout the year.

    Watch Narrow Bridge News for ritual offerings and community reflections related to grieving.