FREE-Original Music Song-leading Album


These recordings were created to accompany the Havdallah Ritual Guide created by Nomy Lamm and Jonah Aline Daniel. These songs are performed here by Nomy & Jonah and are offered in order to support those who would like to use our Ritual Guide in their own communities.
This Album includes:
Havdallah Portal: Blessings is a new tune for the traditional Havdallah Blessings, composed by Nomy Lamm, using the feminine versions of the Hebrew words. Performed by Nomy & Jonah. Let us travel through this portal together!
Un Di Vach Zal
A 19th century Yiddish women's prayer (tkhine) by Reb Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev, arranged by Taya Shere and performed here by Nomy & Jonah. You can hear Taya's version at
You can also access these tracks on SoundCloud at any time with this link The link is also in the ritual guide.