About the Candles

All candles are made from 100% beeswax from hives in the San Francisco Bay Area and Oregon. There is no added dye or fragrance. All candles are hand dipped and poured.  A portion of the profits of Narrow Bridge Candles goes to support movements and organizations working for Palestinian self-determination and U.S. based struggles for racial justice and Indigenous sovereignty.

About the Sliding Scale

A sliding scale ideally allows people to choose a price point that feels both generous and financially accessible; people with class privilege and more access to money select prices towards the higher end of the scale making it possible to offer lower, more accessible price points as well.

The dominant capitalist business model requires exploitation of resources and labor, as well as industrialized production systems to offer low prices with which we cannot, and will not, compete. Instead, Narrow Bridge Candles chooses a regenerative and sustainable business model, calling on traditional methods of hand dipped candle making, heart and spirit centered ritual object creation and home grown plant medicines.

We also donate a portion of our proceeds to the movement for a free Palestine and other social and ecological justice organizations. Thank you for being part of sustaining Narrow Bridge Candles and supporting movements for liberation.