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-Narrow Bridge Candles-

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This video was created in 2010 - the very first year of Narrow Bridge Candles! Thank you to Alex Safron for your beautiful documentation of this moment!


I love Narrow Bridge candles because they are lovingly hand-crafted magical tools. The candles are so potent and beautiful. The materials are ethically sourced and the candles are created with ceremonial reverence. I am in awe of their scent, shape, and smooth golden color. I love to support disabled queer genius. These candles give me strength and calm in the midst of challenge. They are such special housewarming, holiday, and birthday gifts as well! Narrow Bridge is important to me because I am an anti-Zionist Jew who deeply values the presence of the sacred in my life. These are candles that help me affirm the wisdom of my Jewishness while also co-holding my commitment to the liberation of all people.

Brunem Warshaw

I love that Jonah Aline Daniel has found a way to express Jewish radicalism in Jewish ritual. BDS isn't just about not buying things. It's also about supporting alternatives. When I light these candles, I feel a different kind of peace in my heart. Their fragrance and beauty is enriched by knowing that by using them, I am aligning my whole self with my principles.

Aurora Levins Morales

I love Narrow Bridge because it offers necessary ritual objects that resonate with what feels sacred to me: honoring the land and the bees and the labor that goes into their creation, and honoring the request of occupied Palestinian people to boycott products that benefit from the Israeli occupation of Palestine. I love feeling like I am part of an extended interconnected community using Narrow Bridge candles to sanctify our homes and observe holy days/times. I have been to the Narrow Bridge Chandlery a number of times and find it to be such a beautiful space of healing and visioning, knowing that each of these candles is dipped by Jonah in that workshop feels deeply nourishing to me. Thank you Jonah for all you bring to community!

Nomy Lamm

Narrow Bridge Candles has profoundly impacted my Jewish ritual life. To be able to celebrate sacred Jewish time with ritual tools that reflect my political values is an incredible gift, and lets me connect to Judaism in a deeper, more whole, way.

Jessica Rosenberg

Narrow Bridge Candles for me, reflects a magic that connects me to a lineage of embodied knowing. When I light my Narrow Bridge Candles--whether it be on Shabbes, during Hannukah, or as the sun sets each eve on my altar--I know I am sparking my connection to a community beyond the boundaries of time and place. I am igniting a physical connection to my ancestors. I am reaching into deep time; into legacies of resistance, struggle for self-determination and collective liberation.


I am committed to ritual as political practice. Narrow Bridge Candles nourishes my spirit and reminds me that I am held in liberatory anti-Zionist Jewish community.

Jay Tzvia Helfand

I never knew candles could burn so still, without even dripping (unless there's a breeze)! The flames of these candles are absolutely mesmerizing. The smell of beeswax is delightful and I have no doubt that it has healing properties.

Toby Kramer

Jonah's candles have lit many a shabbat ceremony for my household and my community. They have been used in times of celebration and grieving, and have been a beautiful symbol of hope and inspiration during continued times of oppression and hate.


I can't express to you enough how touching it is to connect with other Jews who are committed to engaging in Jewish practice/ritual within an anti-zionist context. Thank you so much for fueling resistance with your beautiful glittery candles. It means so much.

Tali Ruskin

Today as I was leaving the house the candles came! Just in time for shabbes blessings this week - thank you so much for all your / the bees labour & love in those beauties.

Jean Steinberg

My son *loves* your candles! Seriously...he insists on carrying them around the house, reading the pamphlet, taking them out of the box and holding one indefinitely... Unfortunately, the menorah I dug out of my cabinets (given to me years ago, and unused for many years) was made, guess where...yup, in Israel. Maybe you'll have to start making menorahs next!

Joshua Beth