"Here" Painting and Prayer

$4.00 - $20.00

Choose from:

4x6 Postcard ready to be inscribed, stamped and mailed!

11x17 Poster printed on matte cream colored paper. The poster is ready to be framed or displayed as is!

Art by Alina Fox in collaboration with Narrow Bridge Candles and Arielle Tonkin.

This project came about from conversations between Jonah and Alina over the course of (about) a year of monthly work-days together at the Narrow Bridge Candles Chandlery. During the process of watercoloring and scribing the blessing, Alina sought insight from Arielle Tonkin about Hebrew grammar and translation. 

Alina Fox is a white Ashkenazi settler living on Ohlone land, Berkeley, CA. They are enlivened by connecting to their lineage through craft and the rhythms of practice and internal pace. You can contact them at alinalynfox@gmail.com

Arielle Tonkin is an artist based on Ohlone land, Berkeley, CA. For more information on Arielle Tonkin's work, go to her website at www.arielletonkin.com.

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