Burdock Tincture

$18.00 - $108.00


Arctium lappa

This prolific root is good for almost anyone.  It is neutral in temperature, anti-inflammatory, and feeds the lymph, kidney, blood, and liver.  Burdock supports the body in detoxifying chemical and heavy metal waste, improves intestinal health and peristalsis, is great for clearing up a variety of skin issues, and is an amazing multi-vitamin. 

Burdock is extremely grounding, is protective from negative and unnecessary burdens and softens rage and aggression.  Burdock breaks up dense energy and tones internally all up to the diaphragm.

Karyn Sanders, Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine

Dosage: 5-20 drops, 2-3x/day

Contraindications: Not in 1st trimester of Pregnancy

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