Havdallah Ritual Kit

Havdallah can allow us to be more present with the sacred rhythms of our lives.

The Havdallah ritual itself moves us through a portal space between Shabbat and the week to come. This Havdallah Ritual Kit is a curated selection of handmade ritual objects to support your observance of Havdallah, including a ritual guide and original blessings and melodies.

Narrow Bridge Candles has been honored to collaborate with two Jewish ritualists in the creation of this Havdallah Kit - Nomy Lamm and David Roswell.
Nomy Lamm is a multi-media artist, creative coach, and Kohenet/Hebrew Priestess who lives on Squaxin/Nisqually/Chehalis land in Olympia, WA. Nomy has been teaching people to sing for almost two decades, helping students move through fear and self-judgment to take up space and find equilibrium in radical authenticity. As a ritual leader, she aims to bring people close, offering a conduit to personal connection with divinity. She is grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with her dear friend and comrade Jonah on this ritual guide.
David Roswell is a potter and organizer based in Durham, North Carolina. He makes functional, decorative, and ritual objects. He is also deeply committed to donor organizing–helping to resource movements in the US South and abroad, including Palestine. He is excited to collaborate with Narrow Bridge Candles because it has provided a rare opportunity to bring his organizing and art practice together. 
If you have any issues placing your order for a Havdallah Ritual Kit, please contact orders@narrowbridgecandles.org.